My Life
Hello! I'm Kimberly, and I'm a busy wife and mom, small business owner, and follower of Jesus. My husband and I met in college, married after graduation, and then were blessed with two children and a future that has taken us to several states where we have ministered and made many friends. The road isn't always easy, but it is always enlightening as we continually trust in the Lord and do our best to please Him. My husband and I made the choice for me to stay at home with our children, and when the time came to consider schooling, the best option for our family was homeschooling. We named our school "Sandpiper Academy," because sandpipers live close to the ocean - close to the unknown and great beyond, but they stay mostly on the safe shore. During these growing and developing years, we are preparing and training our children in a safe place for the unknown - for their own adventure.

My Creative Side  Family Craft Ideas  |  Fiddledeedee Etsy Shop  |  Fiddledeedee Facebook
Since I was a child, I have been crafting, drawing, painting, and sewing. In fact, my love for it led to a scholarship and an Art degree. Today my creativity carries over into the projects I do with or for my family and others.

My Organized Side  |  Homeschool Enrichment Materials  |  TeachersPayTeachers  |    Dreamleaf Design
Since high school, I have also had a knack for graphic design, all things organized, and teaching. These interests led to my degree in Computer Information Systems and Communication Arts and also to my early career in graphic design and marketing. Today I pour these skills into my children's homeschooled education and also into my graphic design and marketing business.

My Heart Personal Blog 
I hope to inspire my children to love learning, grow in their talents, and above all, follow God's will for their lives, as my husband and I set the example in all of these areas. You can check out my personal blog which is intended to encourage you in your walk with Christ and to provide periodic updates on our lives.

Thanks for visiting - I hope you are inspired!
Kimberly Farmer