About Us

Mommyhood Craft Corner is here to offer you ideas for those days when you need a little creative boost to engage your precious child. My children are 3 years old and 1 year old. These times of fun and learning encourage imagination, stretch the mind, teach skills, and especially create memories. So, please adapt these ideas to suit your child's age, and have fun together!

I have been doing crafts, drawing, painting, and sewing since I was a child, and my love for it led to an Art degree and my current contract work as a graphic and web designer. Most recently, I have opened my online Etsy shop, Fiddledeedee, where I sell handmade items I have created. I hope to inspire my children to love learning, grow in their talents, and above all, follow God's will for their lives, as my husband and I set the example in all of these areas. You can check out my personal blog, Kimberly's Expressions, which is intended to encourage you in your walk with Christ and to update you on our lives.
Thanks for visiting Mommyhood Craft Corner, and feel free to leave a comment. Comments are how I know what is interesting you my readers, and I love to hear from you!
- Kimberly
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