March 2, 2013

Cross-stitch for Young Children

Ava has been learning about Colonial times, and in one of her favorite books, Mary Geddy's Day, A Colonial Girl in Williamsburg, Ava saw Mary Geddy working on her stitches. It was the perfect opportunity to teach her, and I jumped right on it. She did a terrific job!

I found the materials at Hobby Lobby. I am assuming that you already know how to cross-stitch, so I'm just suggesting some kid-friendly materials (Ava is five years old).
  • Plastic stuff: I don't know what you call it! But you see it pictured here. I deliberately chose a sheet of it with the largest holes.
  • Needle: This package of needles can be found with the other ones, but these are larger and MUCH more blunt.
  • Yarn: I recommend solid-colored yarn, not the variegated type, because it easier for your child to see the pattern of their stitches and understand where the needle should go next.
  • Scissors: For cutting the "plastic stuff" and the yarn.
  • Marker: For marking any patterns you may want to make for you child.
If your child is still too young for learning actual cross-stitch with a metal needle, try our Preschool version: Sewing 101: Preschooler Style


  1. This is a great idea, Kimberly! Thanks for sharing!


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