September 22, 2012

Psalm 139 - Framed Fingerprints

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When I made this last week, I intended to put it in my Etsy shop, but I liked it too much and decided to personalize it for my own family instead! However, I did want to share it with you, because you can make it yourself for your own family or children. 

Behind our fingerprints, the background is Psalm 139 handwritten across white cardstock. It reminds us that we are each created fearfully and wonderfully by God the Father.


Step 1: Cut a piece of white cardstock to fit your frame. Write Psalm 139 or any other favorite Bible verses across the cardstock. If you have poor penmanship, you can print it from your computer, but I think the handwritten touch is better no matter what your penmanship looks like. Before you write, draw very light pencil lines to write on, and you will have an orderly, clean look.

Step 2: Cut a smaller piece of cardstock to the size you need for your family's fingerprints, or you can cut several small pieces - one for each person. I chose to carefully go around the edge of the paper with my pen to give it a thin border and help set it apart when it is framed.

Step 3: Use a permanent ink pad and have your family place their precious fingerprints on the smaller paper. Then name each print and let it dry.

Step 3: Use a small amount of tape or glue to place the fingerprint paper exactly where you want it on the background Scripture paper.

Step 4: Now assemble it in the frame and hang it as a daily reminder of how precious each of you is to the Heavenly Father!

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