September 1, 2012

Gift Giving Box

The Project
Our family is working on saving money together, so we can give it to others in the name of Jesus. We want the kids to understand the meaning behind and the value of giving for His glory.
So, we began by decorating an empty Nesquik container with decorative paper and pictures the kids colored from construction paper to create our family's "Gift Giving Box." We used decoupage glue, but I'm sure you could use good ole Elmer's, too, or double-stick tape! Also, should you choose to try this project with the same container, don't try cutting a cute little coin hole in the lid; I already tried it, and it didn't go so well. :)

Anytime we have change, we add it to the box. I think Landon has come up with more money than any of us at this point. I'm not sure if he finds it under the couch or in my purse, but either way, he certainly is into it, and he finds the money for the sole purpose of putting it in the box. When he comes up with money, I have to stop whatever I am doing to get down the "Gift Giving Box" so he can put his money in, or else we have a very unhappy little boy.
The Giving Plan
We haven't yet decided exactly how we will give the money once it adds up, because we're not sure what need may present itself between now and then or what other ideas we may have, but we do know that we want the money to go into something tangible that the kids can see and understand. Our plan may change, but as of now, I plan on letting the kids choose from several items they can give through Franklin Graham's program "Samaritan's Purse." Once we add up our money, the kids can talk and pray about what they would like to give from the Samaritan's Purse gift catalog - baby chicks, clean water, Bibles, blankets, milk, feeding a baby...
Learning About Giving
If you are wanting some wonderful and absolutely free material for teaching your child about generosity or many other wonderful character attributes and behavior, I highly recommend visiting this site: It is created by Focus on the Family and it is an incredible resource full of applicable activities, Bible verses, Bible stories, suggested prayers, and discussions!

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