July 21, 2012

Colorful Centered Cupcakes

If you are making cupcakes in the near future, and plan on them being white cake (as opposed to chocolate or another dark mix), consider adding some food coloring to make them extra special. This is how we did it for Ava's birthday: 

You need:
  • White cake batter, mixed and ready for the pan
  • 2 colors of food coloring
  • Freezer bag
  1. Separate out a portion of batter which will be used to fill the center of the cupcakes. Then dye the batter using one of your food coloring choices.
  2. Roll the freezer bag, so that the top edge is rolled under a few times (this will help keep your bag neat and tidy), and then fill it with your dyed batter. Unroll the edge of the bag, gently press out the air and close the bag. Set aside.
  3. Add the other food coloring choice (or no food coloring at all, if you prefer to leave it white)to the remaining cake batter and then fill the cupcake pan. Remember to put slightly less batter in each cupcake liner than you typically do, because you will be adding more batter when you add the colorful center.
  4. Now you're ready to add the colorful center to the cupcakes. Clip one bottom corner of the bag. (Be prepared to work fast, because the batter will want to keep running out of the bag. Use your finger to stop up the hole as you quickly move it from one cupcake to the next.) Now thrust the end of the bag down into one of the cupcakes and squeeze. Slowly ("slowly" is relative, I know) pull the bag up as you squeeze. Now move the bag quickly to the next cupcake and do the same thing. And so on until you're finished filling the centers of all the cupcakes.
  5. Now bake and decorate!

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