June 10, 2012

Ocean Collage

Landon's Ocean Collage
Whether you are planning a trip to the beach, an activity to do while you're there, or you just wish you were going to the beach, this is a simple collage that's fun for children of any age. Use your creativity and doo-dads you have around the house. The only items you must have are heavy paper/cardboard and glue - everything else is up to you!
Background:We began by painting our cardstock blue. (I gave the kids a few shades of blue to choose from.)

Collage Materials:
While the paint dried, we gather materials like buttons, tissue paper, lace, and grass. We also had some great stickers we had purchased at the dollar tree. Fish/ocean-related stickers are easy to find, particularly at stores that carry scrapbooking isles!

Make It:
As we constructed our collages, I manned the glue and started them out on the ocean floor. Then we added our coral and seaweed, and finally we added our stickers. This project went really well with a two year old and a four year old - the diversity of materials and logical steps of building the scene kept them both interested and involved the entire time.
Ava's Ocean Collage

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