June 28, 2012

July 4th Bracelets

We did this project last year on the day of July 4th (a little too late for posting it to help you, so I saved it to post this year). We used a paper towel tube, painted it, and then cut it into strips to make bracelets to celebrate Independence Day!

We used:
  • cardboard tube
  • paint (we used tempera paints and acrylic paints)
  • paint brush
  • glitter glue (only if you happen to already have it)
  • scissors
  • tape
We began by using our standing paper towel holder and covered it with plastic wrap to make painting and drying easy and with no mess. It worked wonderfully well!

Next, we painted with our paints and glitter.

After it was completely dry, we took the tube off the paper towel holder, and I cut down (vertically) the full length of the tube. Then I cut the tube into strips (horizontally) to create bracelets.

Once the bracelets were on their arms (I actually wore one, too), I used some tape to connect and hold the ends together. And then, it was off to the parade, off to the parade, to celebrate!

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  1. Its intersting using paper towel tube for designing a bracelet.


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