April 8, 2012

Phonics Focus: Letter/Word Strips

As a fun way for Ava to listen for the phonetic sounds of each letter, we have begun what we call letter strips. We began with the letter "Mm" and as Ava thought of words that began with the letter "m" we added them to the list. Sometimes one of us drew the word, sometimes we used magazine pictures, sometimes we made a little version of the item to tape on the strip, and so on. This activity keeps Ava's mind sharpened to identifying the sound of the particular letter we are working on. After a few days, of noticing "Mm" words and adding them to the list, the strip was complete and we began again with a new letter.

I believe that the next letter strip we create will be shorter.
Our current strips of almost five feet high, are a bit unnecessary.

When we complete a letter strip, we work very conscientiously on writing the letter very well.
Ava loves this, and she's doing great!

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