April 28, 2012

Learning Colors - A Color Sorting Game

A simple color sorting game... Ours utilizes an empty wipes container and small objects from around the home. The items (fabrics, felt, buttons, lids, etc.) can be sorted by color in several ways. They can be sorted into separate color-labeled plastic bags, which is also how they can be stored within the wipes container. They can be sorted onto construction paper of different colors, or they can be sorted onto a poster/chart, as we have also done. We like to dump either all of the colors or sometimes only a few different color choices (for more focused learning) into the wipes container and then cover it. Landon pulls out a random item and then places it in the correct spot (we hope :) while we say the name of the color. This is fairly versatile and Landon enjoys it.
Organize/sort shapes into plastic bags with colored mailing-label-stickers.

Choosing colors to sort.

Dumping the colors into the tub and mixing them around.

Drawing items from the wipes container and sorting them on the chart.

Sorting on construction paper - we like this way best!

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