April 15, 2012

Back Seat Toy Organizers

The Basis
I first found this idea here through Pinterest. This is my new solution to keeping the kids' toys organized when we are on lengthy trips. Landon cannot reach his yet, but it still comes in handy. Each of these organizers is made from one bath towel. I purchased these for $4 each at Walmart.
Creating Pockets
I didn't cut the towel at all, so I never had to work with unhemmed edges. I simply folded the towel up a couple times from the bottom to create 2 horizontal pockets. Then I made vertical stiches through all the (4) layers of (folded) fabric to form individual pockets.
Fitting to the Seat
Next, I took the heads off the car seats and draped a towel over one of the seats to see how it fit. Obviously, this part will be different for every vehicle, so you will want to see how yours fits best. I stiched the front and back together at the sides to help give it added stability and a better fit. Then you can use scissors to punch a hole through the locations where the head connects to the seat.

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