March 10, 2012

March Mail Exchange! - open

A couple years ago, we hosted a mail exchange, and now we're doing it again! Ava (4) and Landon (2) love getting mail and sending it. I assume your child is the same away. So, if you would like to participate with us, we would be happy to exchange a letter or drawing with your child.

Here's how it works:
  1. Email me directly (kimberlymfarmer {at} yahoo {dot} com) and include the name(s) of whom the letter will be sent to, their age, and your mailing address.
  2. I will rely to your email to confirm that I received it.
  3. Ava will send your child a drawing in the mail (with our return address).
  4. Please have your child mail Ava a letter or a drawing back.
That's it! It is just a simple, one-time exchange of mail between Ava (Landon may participate, too) and your child. It will be fun for both of them, whether they already know one another or they have never met before!
We will keep this mail exchange open for the month of March, so join us!

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