March 22, 2012

Easter Door Decoration

When we take walks around our neighborhood, which we do often in this amazing weather, Ava sees Easter eggs hanging on trees and wreaths on doors and other decorations. She always remarks that we need to decorate for Easter.

So, we did. We purchased two pieces of posterboard, and used our craft supplies to make our own door hanging. We LOVE it! A simple project with a BIG message!

I don't particularly like that the posterboards block the sunlight when I leave the front door open (which is often), but I do love how it looks from the street!

So, to all the passers-by, I hope you notice that at our house
we love Jesus
and we want you to love Him, too,
because He already loves you - in the most ultimate way!

All you need is:
 posterboard (we used blue and green),
construction paper of different colors,
stick glue or regular glue,
markers and scissors.

We attached the posterboards to the inside of the storm door with shipping tape.
I'm assuming I won't have any trouble getting it off?

Ava put heart stickers in the centers of the flowers they colored.
She said the hearts were for showing that Jesus loves us.

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