March 27, 2012

Easter Cards: Tissue Paper Eggs

These are the pretty Easter cards Ava made last year, and I wanted to share them with you, because they turned out so cute. Last year I only posted about sharing the Easter cards and the Easter message with others, and not about creating the cards themselves.
So, here is how we made our cards:

Create the Eggs:
  • Give your child an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper or cardstock, and have them use stick glue to place cut or torn pieces of tissue paper all over the paper. Encourage them to cover all (or at least most) of the paper.
  • Now turn the pretty paper over and draw egg shapes all over the back of the paper, creating any number of eggs of any size you like.
  • Cut out your egg shapes, and ta-da, you have some lovely egg cut-outs to select from as you make your cards.
Create the Cards:
  • Cut and fold paper or cardstock into any size or shape that you like, keeping in mind the envelope size you'll be using. If the only envelopes you have are letter-sized, then make your card fit those (like the top card in our photo). For most of our cards, we folded the paper so that it would actually open differently from the traditional card. We wanted the card to open sort of like double doors, instead of like a single door, to make them more interesting and give us a nice way to use our paper eggs.
  • Draw and color grass all across the bottom edge of the card.
  • Glue your egg/eggs onto the grass. We choose to make our egg hang over the edge of the top flap of our card, to make it interesting.
  • Write a greeting on the front, draw some more (Ava added sunshine and butterflies to some of our cards), or leave your simple.
  • Write your special Easter message inside the card. Use the poem we made up or write your own!

    Every morning we can say,
    "God has blessed us with a brand new day."
    So let's make the most of all He has given,
    And gladly rejoice that Jesus is risen!

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