January 11, 2012

Alphabet Cake Game

Here is a game we made up to give us another way to practice phonics. I affectionately call it the "Alphabet Cake Game" because it looks a bit like a cake if using brown paper in a cake pan, but you can use any paper in any pan and call it what you like. Notice I omitted the letters "X" and "Z", because of the mathematical logistics of my grid. Also, to reinforce letter recognition, you could use all uppercase letters on one side of the paper and all lowercase letters on the other side. Then you can just flip it over for another game.

"The Rules" are easy. Have your child:
  1. Roll something (we used a lifesaver) into the pan
  2. Say the name of the letter
  3. Say the sound that letter makes
  4. Come up with a word that starts with that letter
  5. Repeat for as long as you want
Of course, you can adapt this to fit your child and what you are wanting them learn or practice.

Here is a video of me introducing the game to wiggly Ava. I suggest sitting at a table or on the floor, but the bed (unlike the rest of the room) happened to be clean at the time!

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