Boo-boo Kit from a Travel Wipes Container

This isn't exactly a craft, but in case you find it useful, I want to share one way we have found to re-use an empty travel wipes case.... I added some bandaids, neosporine, burn ointment, and cleansing cloths inside. This little first aid kit is easy to toss in my bag, the back of the car, or the glove compartment, so we are always ready for those surprise boo-boos.

Or try using a travel wipes container for an on-the-go art kit, like my friend Magen. Fill it with cut up construction paper, index cards, stickers, and a few crayons.

Magen also suggested that if you have a child who just loves pulling wipes out of the box, create a fake wipes box by placing cut up pieces of scrap fabric inside, and let your little one pull to his heart's content.

And thank you to for including this post along with seven more great ideas for using baby wipe containers!

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