August 11, 2011

Group Coloring Activity

While family was visiting for Ava's birthday, we pulled out our roll of brown packaging/craft paper and laid it out on the table along with our crayons and colored pencils. Then everyone (even Landon) took a seat and began drawing/coloring a picture. After a few minutes had passed, we all got up and shifted to the next chair over. Then for the next few minutes we added to the picture in front of us. On the activity went until we made it around the table and back to our original seat. It was a fun and calming activity for everyone. Plus, some surprising artistic talent emerged (go, Dad :) and there was a fair bit of artistic humor involved, as well!

If you don't have a roll of brown paper, you could also use the back of some wrapping paper. Or you could simply give everyone their own piece of white 8.5" x 11" paper for their drawing and when time is up, simply pass your paper to the next person!

This activity really was fun for all of us and great for when we were ready to sit for a while but still interact.

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  1. I love this idea! It kind of has a similar feel to "telephone pictionary". Each person is given an index card You all start with writing out a phrase that gets passed to the next person, who draws the phrase and then passes it to the next person who has tried to guess the phrase and so on until it is back to the original person. Then the original phrase is revealed and all of the drawings and guesses are shared. It is a fun game to play.


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