July 11, 2011

Little Prince's Tunic

Isn't this the cutest little prince (minus a crown) that you've ever seen? I thought Landon should get to dress up a little at Ava's princess-themed birthday party, so I gathered a few craft supplies I had on hand and made this little Prince's Tunic for my little boy. It's very easy, and if you aren't handy with a needle and thread, I would assume you could use craft or fabric glue of some kind to get the job done, as well!

Little Prince's Tunic

This tunic should fit children wearing size 24 months and under. You can trim the felt down to fit much younger babies, as well. I "eye-balled" everything when making this little tunic and made it up as I went along, so the instructions do not have precise measurements, but they should guide you through the process just fine. Let's get started...

  • 2 sheets of felt for the body
  • 1 sheet of felt for the front design
  • Ribbon for initial and shoulders
  • Beads for decoration
  • Needle and thread (or glue)
  • Pins for securing while stitching
  • Scissors

Step 1: Design the front of the tunic.

  • From a sheet of felt, freehand draw and cut a shield-like shape or any shape you like for the front of the tunic. Secure it with pins onto the center of the piece of felt you want to be the front of the tunic and stitch it on.
  • Next, cut some ribbon to the length necessary for creating your child's initial and stitch it on top.
  • Finally, stitch on some beads for a little extra dose of royalty.

Step 2: Create the form of the tunic.

  • Cut the bottom edge of the sheets of felt which will be the front and back of the tunic. I just curved the edges, but you could do something more creative (like a scalloped edge or "dental molding" shape). You can draw your cut lines onto the inside of the felt before actually cutting, if you like.
  • Lay the two pieces of felt on top of each other and cut the scoop at the top which will be the neckline. You may want to start small and then keep cutting it larger until you feel confident that your child's head will fit through.

Step 3: Create the shoulders.
  • Lay the front and back pieces of your tunic on top of one of another with the wrong sides out.
  • Now stitch along the edge of each shoulder to secure the sheets of felt together.

Step 4: Embellish the shoulders.

  • With the same (or different) ribbon you used for the initial on the front of the tunic, cut two lengths of ribbon to be used on the shoulders. Cut your ribbon pieces a little longer than the width of the shoulder they will be attached to, so you will have some length to tuck underneath at the edges.
  • Now pin your ribbons in place with the edges tucked under and stitch them on.
  • Add a few more beads across each ribbon (you can't see them well in my photos, but they are there.)
You're done! Now find your precious little prince, dress him up, and party!

Landon's sword was created with a bubble wand and some cardboard painted green. Watch him taking out those ferocious balloons from Ava's birthday party! What a handsome little fella!

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