July 17, 2011

Attractive Artwork Storage Box

I have to share our personalized and usable gift with you, in case want to give it to a family member or make one for yourself...

How do you store your child's artwork? Well, my brother, bless his heart, keeps all of Ava and Landon's mail and artwork that they give him in a very special place.... on top of his microwave. :) A pretty little stack of papers have been there since Ava was itty-bitty. It's so sweet that he keeps his niece and nephew's pictures and that he keeps them out where they can be enjoyed.

The Box
I thought that perhaps he would like a slightly more organized and attractive, yet accessible, way to keep their artwork. So, I found this black document storage box, and I just couldn't pass it up. It's the perfect size and it's already an improvement. :)

To make it more clearly from Ava and Landon, and yet keep it looking somewhat sophisticated in case it continues to be displayed on top of the microwave, I painted Ava and Landon's hands with paint (acrylic or tempera) and made handprints on white cardstock. Then I trimmed the cardstock and attached it to the top of the box with decoupage glue (I couldn't live without decoupage glue, and personally I'm a fan of the Royal Coat brand.). Then I brushed another layer of decoupage glue across the entire top of the box to maintain continuity in the look and feel of the box. (The glue dries clear.) The finishing touch is the label, which came with the box; I added the phrase "We love Uncle Jason!"

It turned out so cute. You know you want one, too!

Here is the Pioneer Jumbo Scrapbook Storage Box, which is similar to ours and has great reviews. It can be found at Amazon.

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  1. How sweet. This is a great project. I do want one too.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. I'm looking forward to your projects.


  2. Great idea! I have piles of stuff (stuck under their bed no less!) that need a good home!

  3. great idea girl!!! i would love for you to link it up to Tell me Tuesday party!! !


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