June 2, 2011

Seed Packet Tutorial

Ava has been cutting out flower pictures from magazines, and it only seemed fitting that she should have seed packets to glue them onto. So, we made these little seed packets from blank paper, Ava decorated them, and she then filled them "seeds" (a.k.a. beads & rice).

These little seed packets don't have to be for pretend seeds; you could store real seeds in these packets and plant them next spring (as I am doing). These would make a unique gift for the garden-lover. They are also the perfect size for gift cards, so you could use this tutorial to make an envelope for a gift card. I'm sure there are lots of other uses you can come up with, as well!

Seed Packet Tutorial

I don't enjoy measuring, so I usually don't; I "eye-ball" things. So, as you read this tutorial, you can eye-ball things, too. Seed packet sizes do vary a bit, so it's okay if yours are not the exact dimensions as ours.
Step 1
Begin with a single 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper (I prefer a heavy-weight paper).
Cut the paper long-ways down the middle, creating paper to make two seed packets.
Fold the long edges of your paper, creating creases approximately 1/2" from the edge.

Step 2
Fold the bottom edge up (appx. 4 1/2") to form the pocket size/shape and crease it.
Fold the top down and crease it, as well, forming the flap.

Step 3
Trim off any excess length from the flap and round the corners.

Step 4
Open the paper up and cut slits along the creases on the long edges.
Go ahead and cut off the top pieces of the long edges attached to the packet's flap.
You now have 4 edge pieces where you will be glueing to form and complete the packet.
Step 5
Technically, you can cut off the bottom edge pieces just like you cut off the top ones, but we left them and glued them down to give the finished packet added support/stability.

Step 6
Fold the bottom back up along the crease you previously created.
Fold the edges around to create a pocket and glue them down.

Step 7
Decorate the front of your seed packet any way you please. Ava gave her flowers special names.
We also decorated the back side to mimic the information on the back of a seed packet
Lastly, you can fill your seed packet with imaginary seeds (beads, rice, sequins, etc.).

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  1. very neat! Thank you for sharing!


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