June 13, 2011

Making Scrappy People

This is a fun project that lets your child be creative with whatever you have on-hand. I have lots of craft supplies and scraps from other projects, and you probably have a lot randon things around your house, too (buttons, paper, pasta....).

First, I asked Ava to draw a person on a piece of heavy paper (you could also use a broken down Little Debbie snack cake box, since they are white on the inside). Next, we got out our glue and I let Ava have a ball going through all our scrappy stuff to pick out what she wanted to use. I helped her with the shirt and skirt, but she pretty much did everything else. It was so fun to see what scraps/pieces she chose. (I think I definitely need a pair of shoes like these.)

We even got pretty detailed. Check out these undies and the little book pictured below!

It will be fun to do this again in a year or two when Landon is able to participate and make a little guy version of our scrappy people.

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