June 8, 2011

Coundown Card & Time for Preschoolers

Ava's birthday is coming SOON! My little girl will be 4 years old! I didn't intend for her to know one month in advance that her birthday party was coming. Two weeks in advance would have been enough. But, the little gal is as sharp as a tack, and she figured it out. As a result, I kept getting the thrice daily question, "When is my birthday?! When is my birthday?! When?!"

Countdown Card
So, I made her a Countdown Card to help her make it to the big day. The card has actually cut down tremendously on the "When is my birthday going to be here?" question... Which is great for me, and it's also easier for Ava to handle the time span.

Also, to help her get through the month, I am letting her participate quite a bit in preparing for her birthday party. I am keeping a lot of things as a surprise, but I'm letting her help on some of the projects, too. Why not? (I'll be sharing some of our birthday projects as the days goes by.)

Time for Preschoolers
On a side note, when my brother and I were little and didn't know how to tell time, my mom would help us understand time by using tv shows. For example, if we were on a car trip and we wanted to know how much longer it would be until we arrived, Mom would say, "It will be one Mister Rogers" (30 minutes) or "It will be one Sesame Street and one Mister Rogers" (an hour and a half). So, I use the same concept with my children, and it works really well.

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