May 26, 2011

Magazine Bag Topper

Tim's small backyard garden, which he began last year, is producing a lot of strawberries right now! Every couple of days, he and Ava go out together and pick the ripe ones and then bring them inside to me. Sometimes we just wash them and gobble them up right then and there and sometimes we eat strawberry shortcake. Last week, Ava bagged some to give to a new little friend and neighbor.

We made the topper out of a magazine page! Isn't it pretty? After folding it to the desired size, we placed it over the plastic sandwich bag and stapled it in place. We added our little message to a white label and then Ava stuck it on the topper. Handmade toppers (you can use construction paper, scrapbook paper, or whatever) added to plastic sandwich bags are great for packaging lots of different items or gifts. I actually use my own version of them for packaging my Etsy items!

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