May 9, 2011

The Girl's Got Rhythm

We use old canisters like formula cans, peanut cans, etc. and turn them into drums. Below is a video of my creative three year old making up her own songs and playing quite a beat! If you teach Sunday School or another children's class, these cans - turned drums - could be an easy way to spice up some songs during your class time. We covered ours with paper, but it isn't necessary. Sometimes the can sizes will be such that you can stack them inside each other for easy storage - always a bonus, in my book! Here's my little Princess Drummer...


  1. That child was born with rhythm! Loved the video. Landon has rhythm, too, huh? Ava's rhythm has always amazed me, even when she was just a little baby. You are a very rhythmic family; must be fun :-)

  2. Yes, Landon has good rhythm, too! The bad news is that it's always loud around our house with people drumming on everything. The good news is that it usually sounds pretty good! :)


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