April 19, 2011

Sharing the Message of Easter - Jesus!

If you make Easter cards, remember to leave one taped on your mailbox for the mail man, the garbage can lid for your garbage men, and for whoever else! We did that today, and Ava waved from the window as she watched the anticipated moment when her cards were discovered. She also enjoyed hollering, "Hi! I left you a card! You can keep it! Don't throw it away!"

You may even consider letting your child make a card for him/her to take with them the next time your family leaves the house. Let them choose to whom they would like to hand their card (you'll be with them). They may choose the employee at the checkout counter, another child at the grocery store, or the librarian... everyone should have the message of Jesus shared with them! Today during our walk, Ava gave an Easter card to an elderly man who lives nearby. He was so happy and touched to receive it!

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  1. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing this! Found you on CAST.


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