April 25, 2011

Little Outings

"It takes so little to make a child happy, it is a pity grown people do not oftener remember it and scatter little bits of pleasure before the small people..." - Louisa May Alcott, Under the Lilacs
Ava and I have been able to spend some alone time lately, and because we spend so much time at home, I have been taking her out of the house for a little while. We don't have any beautiful, public gardens for my little flower-lover to enjoy, so sometimes it's nice to go to a home improvement store or nursery and just browse around the flowers and plants. It's not the same, but Ava likes it. And it's nice for me, too, to take some time to look around and focus instead of hurriedly purchasing items on an errand run.

Here are some other little outings we have been up to... What do you like to do with your child? We are always interested in more ideas.
  • Ice Cream Outing: We have made a trip to Sonic where I let Ava move up to the front passenger seat and enjoy a dollar ice cream sunday while we talk or listen to her favorite music in the car. 
  • Fun at the Park: Let's not forget the park. Definitely a favorite.
  • Library Time: The library is another favorite. Check to see if your library has storytime or other programs you may want to check out. 
  • Popcorn Outside: Popcorn isn't just for enjoying movies. We have been popping a bag and taking it outside for a sunny afternoon snack.
  • Walking: With this beautiful weather, we have been taking lots of walks. Here are some ways we have spiced them up... 1) Sometimes, Baby Carrie gets to come along in her own stroller, 2) Sometimes we have "Dinner Walks" - which means I put my children in the stroller and then toss them each a sandwich and a travel cup; then we take off around the neighborhood :), and 3) "Bedtime Walks" are a favorite, too. At dusk, I dress the kids in their pajamas, let them each pick out a favorite blanket and stuffed animal, and put them in the stroller. Then I recline their seats and we head out for a quiet "sleepy time" walk.

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  1. All great ideas! I'm so glad you enjoy being with your children. Sad to say, not all parents truly enjoy spending time with their precious gifts from God. I'm also very glad you give the effort required to teach and train them and guide them to the Lord.


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