March 10, 2011

Fun-to-Use Clothes Pins

I turned these clothes pins from plain to pretty with just magazines, glue, and a little paint. I first saw some similar clothes pins in a magazine, but they were rather expensive, so I just made my own.

Before you throw out your next magazine, just scan it first for some attractive patterns you can cut out and use to cover the two sides of a clothes pin. If you want, you can paint the clothes pin first in a coordinating color, but it isn't necessary. Then apply your cut out patterns, trimmed to size, on each side of the clothes pin using smoothed out/brushed on glue. After it is dry, smooth/brush on an outer coat to help protect it.

Now you're ready to use them! Use them to close chip bags or whatever other uses you have for them. You can also apply magnetic strips to one side for a strong and useful refrigerator magnet.

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