March 26, 2011

Backyard Nature Hunt

This past week, my children have spent a record number of hours outdoors. It has been so fun watching Ava playing by herself, using her imagination, "building" birdhouses out of sticks and flowers, and practicing stick throwing like it is an olympic sport. Almost every day, she has asked to go on a nature hunt, or as she calls it, "make a collection". There are all sorts of containers, bags, even tape bracelets, which your child can use to collect their flowers, leaves, sticks, nuts, grass, whatever. We chose to use plastic storage bags this time, simply because it was handy. The kids liked it, because they could easily see what's inside and the wind never blew away any treasures.

 After a while, Landon lost interest in collecting nature treasures and decided to explore the sandbox instead.
 Ava decided that the lid made a perfect boat and the shovel made a great oar. Aren't kids wonderful?

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