January 11, 2011

Tiny Stage from Tissue Box

This little stage for Ava's pretend play is a tissue box that I was getting ready to throw away. Instead, I cut off the top and in a couple other places, and I inverted it to create a little stage. The back and bottom are reinforced with an old file folder and help it keep its shape. Her little princess dolls, some animal buttons, and some felt grass and foam water give her lots of material for story-creating. I am actually astounded at how much Ava really plays with this!

The little flowering tree is a snip from some fake flowers I had. I stuck the stem inside a plastic bottle lid and filled it with glue. Then I sprinkled some little pieces of mulch on top.


  1. Oh my goodness this is so adorable. The extent of your creativity always surprises me. Your kids are so blessed to have Mary Poppins as a mom! :)

  2. So clever! I love it! No wonder Ava enjoys playing with it. Hey, I would enjoy playing with it, too. Another great idea, Kimberly. The whole thing is cute as it can be.


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