October 29, 2010

Repurposed Food Boxes

Lately, we have been getting creative with empty food boxes. Here are some of our ideas (sorry I don't have pictures of them all)....
  • Satchel - See the photo to understand how to cut the box. Fold the new top to make a lid and add holes and ribbon/string to make the strap. Your child may enjoy painting and decorating his/her new satchel. This would make a fun satchel for collecting pieces of nature when outdoors taking a walk or having a nature hunt.
  • Train Tunnel - Cut off the top of the box and set it upside down. Cut out the train's entrance and exit openings from two opposite sides of the box.
  • Drawer organizers - Cut off the entire top half (or more) of the box to create a drawer organizing box. I like to wrap the outside of mine in paper and then cover the inside and outside in shipping tape to make it look more attractive and last longer.
  • Painting paper - Open the ends of the box, cut it open to lay flat, and enjoy painting on it.


  1. You are amazingly creative. This is too cute!

    Anyway, I tagged you on my latest post! (in bloggin' lingo, I answered a bunch of questions and passed them on to you :) Hope you have time to/want to do it!


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