October 19, 2010

Pizza Parlor

Ava made her very own cardboard pizza, complete with toppings to customize any order and a receipt to make sure she gets paid! If you have cardboard and paint or markers, you can make your own version of our pizza.

Here is how we did it...

  • Cardboard from a frozen pizza or any other thick cardboard cut into a circle (trace a plate).
  • Cardboard from a cereal box/food box/soda can box for the toppings.
  • Paint or markers
  • Copy paper or construction paper for cheese (we used ivory colored paper)
  • Contact paper for cheese
  • Scissors

  1. Paint the round cardboard to look like crust and pizza sauce.
  2. While the pizza dries, draw toppings on the other piece of cardboard and paint or color them.
  3. Cut the toppings out. Use a hole punch to make hole in olives.
  4. Create cheese by cutting copy paper like grass and then cutting across it. I didn't want shreds of "cheese" all over my house, so I had Ava sprinkle the cheese on contact paper and then I covered the other side with contact paper, as well. As a result, the cheese is one topping just like the others. An added bonus is that the contact paper adjusts the coloration of the sauce below and makes the whole pizza look better. 
  5. If you like, create a receipt or a menu and cover them with contact paper to help them last a little longer.
All of the pieces are separate, so the pizza can be "made" over and over again.

To store it, put toppings in an envelope and then butterfly clip the envelope, the cheese, and the pizza all together. If you are really feeling froggie, you can make or redecorate a pizza box!

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  1. This is a really cute idea. I'm gathering ideas to use with our Pete's a Pizza theme week. I love the way you did the cheese layer - genius!


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