August 31, 2010

Tent Door

What child doesn't love making a tent? Ava makes them out of anything that occurs to her might work. Usually, we use her little table or our card table. She likes to be completely enclosed, but managing a door is difficult for her, particularly with Little Brother always wanting an invite. So, I combined an idea of mine with a couple techniques (here and here) which I saw on Frugal Family Fun Blog, and tada! We made a curtain/door for Ava's tent out of contact paper and bits of colored paper.

1) Cut two pieces of contact paper the same, desired length for tent door. Remove backing from one of the pieces of contact paper, and lay it sticky-side-up on the floor or table.
2) Cut pieces of colored paper (Use any kind of paper - magazines, construction paper, typing paper, newspaper, etc.) and then sprinkle them all over the contact paper. 3) Remove backing of second piece of contact paper and carefully lay it on top (sticky-side-down). At this point, we chose to admire our work for a day, so we hung it up on the storm door with another strip of contact paper. 4) When you are ready to convert the pretty artwork into a tent door, simply cut it into strips from the bottom, stopping at least a couple of inches from the top. Attach it to the top of the table with another strip of contact paper. This worked well for us. After a whole day of both kids going in and out, in and out, it's still standing!

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