August 25, 2010

Fun with Grandparents

If I may, I would like to mention here that I am so thankful Ava and Landon have such wonderful grandparents! Both my parents (in Kentucky) and Tim's parents (in Wyoming) are simply wonderful! Money can't buy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that both sets of grandparents are good influences on our children, they respect our wishes for how we want to raise them, carry out our instruction on behavioral, health, and scheduling matters, and they take good care of them every chance they get!

Most recently, Ava was able to visit my mom and dad for a few days. My mom has always been creative and a good teacher. She was an excellent Sunday School teacher, homeschooling mom, and overall creative person. She is still creative and artistic, and now she gets to put all her ideas into action when Ava comes to visit. Here are some things they were up to when Ava visited this last time... Hey, when is it my turn to visit for a few days by myself? :)

* These photos were taken in my parents' basement, which they are in the process of re-finishing. Mom has pulled out toys from mine and my brother's childhood and set them up for new sets of little hands to enjoy.

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