August 11, 2010

Autumn Paper Sack

Autumn will be here soon (Yay!), and since we were in the mood for cooler weather on this scorching August day, Ava, Tim, and I painted Autumn with homemade stamps in the shapes of leaves. I made the leaf stamps using the tried-and-true method of cutting one out of a sponge, and carving the other out of half a potato. We painted on plain paper sacks (instead of art paper), so we can use them later for lunch sacks, putting an LED light inside for evening decoration, or to hold candy or cookies and give someone special. I must say, Tim rather impressed me... his work is the middle paper sack.
Our Supplies:
Paper bags
Tempera paint
Paper towels (for cleanup and for blotting)
Empty egg cartons (to hold paint)
Sponge & scissors (to make leaf stamp)
Potato & knife (to make leaf stamp)

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