July 31, 2010

Tiny Bouquet Vase

Ava proudly brings me her small fist full of flowers on her return from almost every outdoor adventure. She grabs dandelions on our walks and clover on the way to the mailbox...

When she was younger, I simply thanked her for the thoughtful gift and tucked a couple of the little flowers behind my ear or sat them on the counter until they wilted an hour later. If the flowers were particularly meaningful to her or to myself, I would place the short-stemmed bouquet in a small cup of water.

Now that my little flower gatherer is a bit older, it seems more important that I display her small bouquets with more care and with a small amount of the thoughtfulnesss with which they were given. The good ole plastic cup just isn't cutting it anymore - I'm tired of looking at it, and it just isn't ideal for holding the flowers upright. So, I re-purposed a liquid laundry detergent lid! It's the perfect size for Ava's child-sized bouquets, and with a ribbon tied around the neck, it looks rather attractive sitting on the windowsill or counter. A baby food jar also makes a great small vase!

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  1. Loved the mini flower pot idea! Article intoducing it was great. Well done all around.


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