May 11, 2010

Pretty Flower Pressing

The other day, I came across the pretty little flower press my parents gave me when I was a girl, so I got it out and Ava began picking flowers to press in it. If you don't own a flower press, just do it the old fashioned way - sandwich your flowers and leaves between absorbent paper and then stack heavy books on top. (If you have never pressed flowers before, the online article A Beginner's Guide to Pressing Flowers may be helpful.)

After the flowers and leaves have dried, let your child have fun with them. They can make pretty designs, patterns, and scenes as they glue the flowers to paper.

Because I wasn't in the mood for the mess of glue, I cut out a circle of contact paper and let Ava just stick her flowers and leaves directly to the sticky side. After she finishd, I added the other piece of contact paper (slightly larger than the first, to make placing it easier) and trimmed it. Then we added a hole and a ribbon, so it can be hung. I like making it with contact paper, because both sides of the flowers and leaves can be viewed. This technique would also make a pretty bookmark or card (You know I love my bookmarks and cards!).

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