May 3, 2010

Mini Notepad

Ava is interested in all things "beachy," so, we decided to paint paper to look like the ocean using our Negative Space Painting technique (This time we used tempera paint, instead of watercolor). It's really difficult for me to just let art be art - I have some crazy inner-drive to come up with some way to make it practical. This time was no exception. So, Ava's pretty paper became mini notepads to give our ocean-loving friends.

Our Steps for Mini Notebook Assembly
The Cover:
1) Choose outside cover paper (we used Ava's ocean paper) and cut to desired size. I cut our paper into the approximate dimensions of 8.5"x5.5", which becomes 4.25"x5.5" when folded.
2) Cut your choice of paper to use for the inside of the cover (we used brown construction paper) to the same dimensions as your outside cover.
3) If you want a string/ribbon closure for your notebook (we used raffia), cut it to the length of your cover paper, adding a few inches for tying a bow.
4) Now it's time to sandwich the cover together. First fold your two papers in half (like they will be when your notebook is finished). Glue the string to the back side of the outside cover. Then glue the back side of the inside cover to that.
The Pages:
5) Cut the paper you have chosen for your pages to the obvious size it needs to be. A paper cutter is handy, but you're only making a stack as large as will comfortably fit in a stapler, so it's not a big deal if you only have scissors.
6) After your paper is cut, staple it down the side three or four times.
7) Put glue all over the very back of the very last page. Open the cover and place your stapled stack of pages where it should go and press the glue side down.
8) To give the stapled edge of the top page a more finished look, cut a strip of paper (we used more of our cover paper, but you could also use more of your inside cover paper, a completely different paper, or some ribbon) and glue it over the stapled edge.

You're all done! Now you can let your child turn it into a storybook or doodle pad, use it yourself, or give it to someone else.

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