May 7, 2010

Mail Play Set

When I saw Ava playing with a postcard my brother sent her, I was inspired to laminate it with contact paper so it would stay in good condition a little longer. And then the idea grew...and grew... It could grow some more, but I made myself stop! This set of pretend mail turned out really cute, and more importantly, Ava enjoys playing with it.

Her new Mail Play Set includes:

1) Postcard to Ava - sent from Uncle Jason; laminated with contact paper and trimmed to fit in Ava's little mailbox.
2) Postcard from Ava - taken from the tags on one of Ava's new dresses; Ava added a sticker to look like a stamp; laminated with contact paper so she can write on it with a dry erase marker or window crayon.
3) Envelope addressed to Ava - cut from a letter-sized envelope; decorated to look like it has been run through the mail (sticker stamp, drawn meter lines, sent from Snow White); laminated with contact paper to help it last longer; magnetic closure, so Ava can put pretend mail inside the envelope and then "seal" it.
4) Envelope sent from Ava - cut from a letter-sized envelope; lines drawn for recipient's name; magnetic stamp (sticker) and return address label; laminated with contact paper so she can write on it and to help it last longer.

*If you don't have a little mailbox, try making one from a shoebox or from a canister turned sideways. I have also seen small brown mailboxes at craft stores like Hobby Lobby in the aisle with the unfinished wood and paper box items. Then your child can decorate it any way he/she wants.

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  1. I love this! I made something similar for Emily a long time ago out of felt, and it was a big hit with her too! :-)


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