April 17, 2010

Wrapping Paper from Stamps & Paint

We made two different wrapping papers today. One used brown paper and the other used a piece of heavy tissue paper from a purchase that was wrapped yesterday at Hobby Lobby (my favorite store). We used paint (we have Crayola Washable Tempera Paint) and stuff we had from around the house. For the Circle pattern, we used different sized lids and an empty toilet paper roll.

For the Flower pattern, which I completely took from Valerie at frugalfamilyfunblog.com, we used an empty two-liter soda bottle for the large orange flowers, a 20 oz. soda bottle for the smaller red flowers, and one of the lids for the flower centers.
These turned out really cute, and now we will roll them up and use them to wrap someone's gift one day. Ava had a lot of fun, and actually, so did I.

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  1. totally stealing this idea! you know i love me some plain brown craft paper...even better with Sofi's decorative painting effects!


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