April 16, 2010

Photo Book Turned Story Book

Story Book
At Hotprints.com, you can order a 15 page photo book for free and shipping is free, too. I decided to take advantage of the offer. Since I'm handy with Photoshop, I decided to make this into a story book for Ava. It is called "God Made Ava," and I love the way it turned out. If you don't have the capability of editing your pictures with text, you could always add the text later by writing on the actual pages or using scrapbooking letter stickers (that might take a lot of stickers).
Another way to use this to your advantage would be to simply create a book of the pictures of which you would like to have 8x10's. Then, when the book comes, simply cut out the pictures and frame them. Keep in mind that the pages are printed on both front and back.
They have different layout options, and with Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up, this could make a cute "Mom Magazine" or "Dad Magazine." You don't have to tell them it was free :) - After all, it does take a little time and thought.
Note: I was a little disappointed with the cover. It is made of the same paper as the inside pages, and the whole thing is just stapled together. But, it is free. To give the book a more attractive and durable cover, I purchase a pretty folder, glued the book inside and trimmed the edges. Ta-da!
If you would like to try this out for yourself, just visit the Hotprints website.

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