March 29, 2010

Today's Weather: Draw It and Wipe It Off

Little Meteorologist
Ava is really interested in what the weather is doing. She makes a really big deal about the sun, rain, and of course, rainbows! So I decided that as part of our morning routine we would begin finding out the day's forecast and discussing it. What better way for her to be involved than for Ava to get to draw each day's weather herself. Whether it's sunshine, rain, snow, lightning, or a rainbow, she can draw it on the glass of our picture frame, we can discuss it throughout the day, and then the next day we can wipe it off and do it again!

How We Did It
We made this from an old 5x7 picture frame, paper, stickers, and glue. You could also let your child draw and color their own picture or use a photograph of your own home and/or family. Change out the picture to match the seasons or change it just because you feel like it. If you don't have a frame, you could also use contact paper or a clear protector sheet to cover the picture.

We purchased these great Crayola Window Crayons (Crayola also makes Window Markers), which we are using to draw the weather on the glass. They wipe off very easily with a damp paper towel. You can use them on windows (home or car), other glass, and mirrors. We can do lots of fun things with these! Dry erase markers would probably work, as well.


  1. Love, love this idea. Nothing like this ever crossed my mind. Great job!

  2. I saw a similar idea on where they used a clear protector sheet and dry-erase markers for some one-time fun. I wanted ours to be a more permanent learning-related part of our routine. It's been fun. We are on our third day, and Ava's getting good at drawing the sun :)


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