March 21, 2010

Easter Deliveries

I had planned for us to make small Christmas gifts and take them to our neighbors, but it never happened. So we did something better - we made Easter cards and gifts for them. We focused on sharing the message of Jesus Christ, and Ava really enjoyed giving them away. These would also be nice to give to family members, pastors, and teachers. Candy Butterfly (I found this idea in FamilyFun magazine)
- clothes pin
- paint or felt for the body (we used stiff felt so I could cut the antennae with the body of the butterfly)
- embellishments & glue
- snack-sized plastic bag
- candy or other food (we used Easter-colored M&Ms)

Easter Card
I drew the pictures on heavy paper and then Ava painted or colored them. Next, I cut out the pictures and she glued them on colored construction paper. Here is the poem I wrote to include on the inside of the cards...

Happy Easter!
Jesus loves us!
Let's all praise His Name!
He lived, He died,
He rose to save us,
He is the only Way!
He holds my hand,
He is in my heart,
I know He lives today!

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