February 28, 2010

Craft Ideas Notebook

I am not a big magazine finatic, but I do have two favorite magazines in which I find neat craft ideas I can do with Ava and one day with Landon. I was saving the magazines thinking that one day I'd flip back through them and find the ideas I liked; but after two years, I have never once gone back to find an idea (that I forgot about), and the magazines were taking up a lot of room. So, finally last week, I got smart. I grabbed a 3-ring binder, some clear protector sheets, all my magazines, and I started ripping out the pages I wanted to keep and throwing away the magazines. I placed all the craft articles in the protector sheets within the binder. Most of the articles were full pages or half-pages, so they fit well back-to-back or occassionally cut and taped together. I could have just hole-punched them, but then I wouldn't have been able to place some pages back-to-back. Well, the binder is working for me. I have already been back to my Craft Ideas Notebook three times in the last two weeks - it takes a lot less time to find an idea and it takes a LOT less space!

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