February 28, 2010

Alphabet Book

The Lesson
Ava has been learning her alphabet since she was 1 1/2, but just recently I started introducing her to the lower case letters and making an attempt to stress the sounds the letters make. Well, she caught on very quickly, so I decided to take off with it.

The Concept
Together, over the past several weeks, Ava and I have been creating her Alphabet Book. We have been working on and creating a letter every day or every other day. We talk about the letter and the sound it makes and then we go searching through magazines, stickers, and household items to find the letter and pictures of words that begin with that letter. We cut them out or gather them and then Ava glues them to the paper. She enjoys showing her book to friends and family, and we revisit it together at home to reinforce what she has learned and is building upon.

The Materials
- Magazines
- Construction Paper
- Scissors
- Stick Glue
- Snack-sized plastic bags/envelopes
- Photo Album

I bought a $1.00 photo album from Walmart (Target also sells them for $2.00). These albums have clear pockets on the front and back, which are ideal for creating your own cover.

We cut construction paper into 4x6 sheets for the pages to glue our letters and pictures on.

While searching for pictures that begin with the letter D, for example, I often found a great picture of a zebra, keys, or socks. I wasn't about to pass these up and risk never finding them again when it came time for the letter Z, K, or S. So, I cut the pictures out when I came across them and stored them in their own plastic bag or envelope labeled with the appropriate letter to keep things organized.

My mom knew about our book, while we were working on it, so from time to time she would mail pictures she had found for letters she knew we hadn't made yet. This was a fun way for her take part in the fun, and it helped broaden the pictures we could choose from for Ava's book.

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