January 10, 2009

Paper Plate Pouch

Paper Plate

This is an easy craft for toddlers. I cut a paper plate in half and stapled them together to create a pouch, then I made two holes for the string that would eventually tie around her waist or through her belt loops. I needed to get some work done in the kitchen, so I just sat Ava in her highchair with the pouch, a couple small sheets of stickers, and three crayons. She took it from there, and I got a lot of work done. Part of the fun for her was getting the stickers off the sheet, and it occupied more time. Every now and then, I turned the pouch over and encouraged her to decorate the other side. Later, I tied the pouch around Ava, and she toted small objects around the house (for a little while, anyway). This pouch could also be a little tool belt for boys or a purse for girls or I guess Ava could pretend to be a marsupial!

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