January 1, 2009

3-D Paper Plate Window

My mom told me about this idea over the phone last week, and although Ava's a little young for this project, we tackled it anyway. When she is older and can contribute more to the ideas and artwork, we'll do it again.

2 Paper Plates
String (optional)
Clear plastic/Freezer Bag

1) Decide on the scene you want to see through the paper plate window. I chose butterflies, because I had lots of butterfly stickers left over from Ava's 1st birthday party. Mom said the version she saw was made to look like an aquarium with fish inside it.
2) Create the background for your scene. Decorate the entire "eat-on" side of one of the paper plates all the way to the perimeter. In our case, we colored the sky and then Ava stuck small (so they would look far away) butterfly stickers all over.
3) Create the 3 dimensional layer. This can be done a couple different ways. One way is to hang objects (cut out stickers, paper, etc.) with string attached to the top edge of the p
late, so the objects can swing a little when it is complete. Because Ava's so little and less likely to be gentle, I decided to make the butterflies stationary. I just glued strips of paper (colored to match the background) to the back of the objects (in our case, larger butterfly stickers) and then attach the paper strips to the plate. I put each of these butterflies on slightly different lengths of paper strips to add to the 3-d effect.
4) Make the window opening by cutting out the center of the second paper plate. Tape the plastic (I cut open a freezer bag) to the inside of the window opening. Line up the window paper plate with the other, and attach them together with tape/staples/glue.

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